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I am a holistic practitioner, licensed in Acupuncture, certified in Crystal Healing and accredited by the World Metaphysical Association.  I have created ENERGEM to showcase the beauty and ENERGY of GEMS.

I have been drawn to rocks since I was a child.  In fact, I remember my mother referring to me as a “rock hound”.  Several years ago, after my mother passed away, I was prompted to search for more information regarding stones and crystals.  I practiced Dental Hygiene for many years, so I have a science-oriented mind, and I am first to admit that I need proof and firsthand knowledge when studying a new topic.  In the months-long certification course that I participated in all the information presented was backed by science/physics.

The Difference

Part of my course of study included working with dousing rods to measure the vortex of energy emitted by a crystal grid.  Out of curiosity I decided to measure the negative electromagnetic energy (EMF) being emitted by the television, the PC, the microwave, etc.  My findings demonstrated that the electromagnetic energy extended far out into the room, immersing everyone in this harmful energy!  Having already learned that there are a few stones whose properties include the ability to neutralize electromagnetic energy, I experimented with their placement on and around these devices until no harmful EMF was detectable.  My findings are demonstrated on a few short videos found on Facebook @Julie Basham Acupuncture, or on my website Julie They are located in my blog, located on the dropdown menu under “Chinese Medicine”.  It was from these findings that my crystal and hematite bracelets were born. 

I love working with all forms of crystals!  The crystal beads I choose to create my jewelry are all Grade AA or Grade AAA. I have included more in depth information about the crystals and the specifics of the necklace or bracelet with the individual listing.  Also, I enjoy creating a special piece using YOUR specifications ~ length, color, combinations, etc.  If you are drawn to a piece that is “sold” just contact me and I will make another specifically for you.

Whipped Body Butter

Our skin is the largest organ in our body and much of what we apply to our skin eventually reach our bloodstream. I love creating an all-natural body butter and I scent each jar individually with pure and therapeutic essential oils.  It’s luxurious to both your skin and your senses!

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